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Which diet books were bestsellers in 2014? We looked at how they did in the bestseller lists over the year – how many weeks they were on the lists and how high they were on the lists. USA  |  UK USA bestselling diet books 2014 #1 – Grain Brain  |  #2 – 10-Day Green Smoothie [...]

In the USA at the end of December, there isn't yet the rush for diets that usually starts before January. Vegan cookbook Thug Kitchen and low-calorie The Skinnytaste Cookbook continue to be best-sellers, even after the end of the holiday gift-giving period. Paleo elimination diet book It Starts with Food has jumped back up the [...]

The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey (2014): Food list

The Bulletproof Diet (2014) is an anti-toxin diet which encourages you to find out and avoid your food sensitivities. Drink “Bulletproof Coffee” for breakfast every day – very-low-toxin coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil; limit other meals for intermittent fasting. Eat lots of vegetables, approved fats, some grass-fed protein, a little starch/fruit. Avoid sugar, [...]

In the USA, a vegan cookbook Thug Kitchen, Danielle Walker's paleo Meals Made Simple, and low-calorie The Skinnytaste Cookbook continue to be best-sellers. Paleo cookbook Every Last Crumb has recently entered near the top of the charts. Coming up to the holiday season, as usual cookbooks are popular and diet books mostly ignored. In the UK, vegetable [...]

In the USA, a vegan cookbook Thug Kitchen has been one of the top-selling books for several weeks. The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse has surged back in popularity. Other cookbooks related to diet restrictions are also selling well - The Skinnytaste Cookbook (low calorie), Plenty More (vegetable recipes), and Against All Grain (grain-free, gluten-free). In [...]

Breaking the Vicious Cycle (1994) is a specific carbohydrate diet for intestinal health. Avoid starches and complex sugars. Slowly introduce laxative foods after symptoms improve. Eat unprocessed foods. Below is a description of the food recommendations in the diet.  Foods to eat  |  Foods to limit  |  Foods to avoid  |  Introducing the diet.  There’s [...]

Local food is becoming more mainstream, with fast-casual restaurants, online grocery shopping, and UK public sector food using locally-sourced food Soda giants plan to cut calories in soda over the next 10 years FDA rules on gluten-free labeling have come into effect In the past decade, more people are avoiding grains and sugar and fewer [...]

In the USA, cookbooks are currently more popular than diet books as the weather gets cooler. The Skinnytaste Cookbook, low calorie, has been selling well for several months and has reached near the top of books sold. Gluten-free books are lower on the charts than they’ve been for a while. In the UK, The Hairy [...]

In the USA, sales of diet and healthy eating books have plummeted as summer comes to an end. Grain Brain (gluten-free) is still doing well. Paleo books continue to trend including Against All Grain, which has been selling well all year, and Paleo Slow Cooker. Vegan cookbooks and diets are also doing well, including Eat [...]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (4th Edition 2004) is a book to guide you through pregnancy, including food recommendations. Get enough nutrients every day – follow the Daily Dozen – protein, produce, whole grains and legumes, vitamin C, calcium, iron, fats in moderation, omega fatty acids, fluids. Eat enough calories to supply baby with [...]