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Food allergies, meatless eating, sustainability – news to September 11 2011

The Food Standards Agency in the UK looks at different wording to advise consumers about allergens in foods. An increasing number of parents are feeding their children a vegan diet. Danone, Unilever, and Heinz lead in a new rating of sustainable food companies. Antibiotic-free chicken is now being served at Culver’s quick service restaurant.

Allergies – labeling, demographics, impact on kids

Allergy labeling in the UK Sep-5-11 Food Production Daily
A new Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey will look at different types of advisory labeling used on foods and will consider how different statements, such as ‘may contain nuts’ or ‘not suitable for someone with a nut allergy,’ are used by consumers to assess the level of risk.

Black kids more likely to have food allergy Sep-5-11 Reuters
In a new study of two-year-olds in Boston, black kids were twice as likely as white kids to have an immune response to foods such as peanuts, milk, and eggs, and almost four times as likely to have a “sensitization” to three or more foods.

Emotional impact of food allergy on kids Sep-8-11 FAAN
Nearly 70% of the parents of children with food allergies surveyed said having a food allergy has impacted their child’s quality of life – they feel protective, fearful, frustrated. The kids feel frustrated, fearful, isolated.

Meatless eating – restaurant menus, babies, retail

Restaurants pushed to disclose meat in dishes Sep-2-11 Nation’s Restaurant News
Under pressure from consumers and lawsuits, restaurant chains are being pushed to disclose the presence of meat or meat-products, even in dishes not described as vegetarian or vegan.

Vegan babies Sep-6-11 HuffPost Food
Many parents are raising their children on a meat, fish, dairy, and even honey-free diet.

Natural retailers harness the meatless trend Sep-7-11 NewHope 360
A new report from Euromonitor International predicts that a growing population of vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, meat-reducers and “vegivores” will consume more meat-free foods than ever before. Natural retailers are well poised to capture this meatless market.

Sustainability – plant-based packaging, top sustainable food manufacturers, supermarket seafood

Odwalla transitions to 100% plant-based bottles Sep-7-09 FoodProcessing.com
In April 2011, Odwalla Inc., a Coca-Cola company, became the first company to transition its single-serve offering to a new and sustainable package made of up to 100 percent plant-based materials (minimum of 96 percent) while still maintaining its 100 percent recyclability.

Sustainable food manufacturers Sep-7-11 FoodProcessing.com
Bank Sarasin, based in Switzerland, put Danone, Unilever and Heinz in the lead for sustainability ratings, followed by Nestlé.

Shaw’s launches sustainable seafood program Sep-9-11 MarketWatch
Shaw’s Supermarkets today announced a major commitment to seafood sustainability, highlighted by the new availability of fresh case products certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Shaw’s will also provide fresh product verified through the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI).

Other – salt in bread, sources of foodborne illness, and more

Eat one reduced-calorie meal a day to lose weight Sep-5-11 New York Times
According to a small study in the October issue of the journal Appetite, eating one reduced-calorie meal a day, and then eating what you want the rest of the day, may be an effective weight-loss technique.

Study says bread contains a lot of salt Sep-6-11 Food Product Design
New research in London reveals some breads contain as much salt or more per slice than a bag of potato chips.

Antibiotic-free chicken at quick-service restaurant Sep-6-11 QSR Magazine
Chicken now being served at Culver’s is antibiotic-free and raised on a 100 percent vegetarian diet.

Foods most associated with foodborne illness – CDC report Sep-8-11 Consumer Reports Health
Poultry, beef, fish, fruits and nuts, vine vegetables

Dallas veggie state fair Sep-11-11 Ecorazzi
The second annual Texas State Veggie Fair will be held on October 23rd

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