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The Master Cleanser by Stanley Borroughs (1976): Food list

The Master Cleanser detox diet book by Stanley BorroughsThe Master Cleanser (1976) is a detox diet. It is usually known as The Master Cleanse or the Lemonade Diet.

  • For 10-40 days, drink only lemonade prepared in the way described; no food.
  • Recommends steps for coming off the cleanse, and then a vegan lifetime diet is suggested.

Below is a description of the food recommendations in the diet.  Preparing for the diet  |  The cleanse  |  The lemonade recipe  |  Breaking the diet  |  Lifetime diet.  There’s a lot more in the book.

Use this page as a cheat sheet alongside the book. Send this page to friends, family, and anyone else who you want to understand what you’re eating on this diet.

Get a copy of The Master Cleanser for details on how the detox diet works; thoughts on modern medicine, vitamins and supplements, natural alternatives to medicines, and some recipes.

The reasoning behind The Master Cleanse detox diet

The Master Cleanse is designed to detox the body – the author says that cleansing is basic for the elimination of every kind of disease. Diseases happen because we eat the wrong foods, which are highly toxic and mucus-forming – all diseases, regardless of their names, are only varied expressions of the one disease of toxemia. Poisons and congestions accumulate in the body, and they become crystalized and hardened, settling around the joints, in the muscles, and in cells throughout the body. The liver, spleen, colon, stomach, heart, and other organs, glands, and cells come in for their share of accumulations, thus impairing their natural action. When we stop adding to the accumulations and cleanse our system, we stop their development and spread; then they dissolve or break up and pass from the body. All weak and deficient cells, caused from improper nutrition, will also be broken down and eliminated from the body.

Weight loss is a side effect of this body detox.

The Master Cleanse diet plan – what to eat and foods to avoid

“The following diet is given solely as a suggestion; anyone who follows it does so voluntarily, since each person, naturally, reacts differently, each individual must use his own judgment as to its use.”

The author suggests you follow the diet for a minimum of 10 days or more, and that up to 40 days and beyond may be safely followed for extremely serious cases. Follow it 3 or 4 times a year, or more frequently for serious cases.

One of the best signals of the completed diet is when the formerly coated and fuzzy tongue is clear pink and clean looking. During the diet it becomes very badly coated.

Before starting the lemonade diet

  • Read the instructions
  • Prepare yourself mentally to follow in detail the entire directions and continue as long as is needed to make the necessary changes
  • The night before the diet, start taking the laxative tea

Master Cleanse instructions

Some people experience a tremendous stirring up and may even feel worse for a few days. Vomiting may occur under certain conditions, increased pain may be felt in various joints of the body, and dizziness may develop on certain days. If weakness develops at any time, “it is the result of poisons circulating through the blood stream rather than a lack of food or vitamins.” Rest and take it a little easier if you have to, although most people can go about their regular business without difficulty. Don’t “cheat” by eating a little food or you may destroy the benefits.

Foods to eat in The Master Cleanse

  • Take from 6-12 glasses of the Master Cleanse lemonade daily during the waking period. Recipe below
  • As you get hungry, just have another glass of lemonade
  • Mint tea may be used occasionally during this diet as a pleasant change and to assist further in the cleansing
  • Extra water may be taken as desired
  • If you’re not having 2-4 eliminations a day, and preferably right from the beginning, take a good laxative herb tea last thing at night and first thing in the morning. You can also cleanse with internal salt water bathing – 2 teaspoons of uniodized sea salt in 1 US quart of luke-warm water, drunk first thing in the morning. If the salt water does not work the first time, try adding a little more or a little less water, or possibly take extra water with or without salt

The lemonade recipe includes “proper material for building as the waste material is eliminated.”

The Master Cleanse lemonade recipe and directions

  • 2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice
    • Approximately ½ lemon or 1 small lime
    • Use fresh lemons or limes only, never canned lemon or lime juice nor frozen lemonade or frozen juice
    • Use organic where possible
    • Blend a part of the lemon skin and pulp with the lemonade in a blender for further cleansing and laxative effect (peel off the outer skin if you cannot get uncolored, organically grown lemons)
    • Never vary the amount of lemon juice per glass
    • Lemons and limes are “the richest source of minerals and vitamins of any foods known to man”
  • 2 tablespoons genuine maple syrup
    • Not maple flavored syrup
    • Use a darker grade maple syrup, e.g. Grade  / Dark Amber is better than Grade A / Light Amber for this diet
    • The maple syrup has a large variety of minerals and vitamins, which will vary according to the area where the trees grow and the mineral content of the soil
    • The trees should not be tapped using formaldehyde
    • For those who are overweight, less maple syrup may be taken. For those underweight, more maple syrup may be taken
    • The book says that pure maple syrup is the most perfectly balanced of all. Pure sorghum is the next best sweetener, as it too has not been refined or altered or adulterated.
    • For diabetics, blackstrap molasses must be used as it gives the necessary minerals the body needs for making the needed insulin and to make other balances in the blood sugar. The diabetic should start with only one teaspoonful of the molasses for each glass and then gradually increase the amount daily until the full amount is taken (two tablespoonfuls).
  • 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper (red pepper) or to taste
    • This breaks up mucus and increases warmth by building the blood for an additional lift; it also adds many B and C vitamins
  • 10 oz. water, medium hot or cold
    • Spring or purified water

Combine the juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper in a 10 oz. glass and fill with the water.

An alternative version uses freshly extracted juice from sugar canes:

  • 10 oz. fresh sugar cane juice (medium hot or cold)
  • 2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice
  • 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper (red pepper) or to taste

Another possible but lesser replacement for maple syrup and water could be pure sorghum.

Foods to avoid or limit with The Master Cleanse

  • No food other than the lemonade and occasional mint tea should be taken during the full period of the diet
  • Sweeteners
    • Honey must not be eaten at any time
    • Avoid artificial sweeteners, synthetic sugars, and refined sugars

Breaking the diet

Coming off the lemonade diet properly is highly important, and you should follow the directions very carefully.

  • If you usually follow a (raw) vegan diet
    • 1st day after diet: Several 8 oz. glasses of fresh orange juice as desired through the day. Drink it slowly. If there has been any digestive difficult prior to or during the change over, extra water may be taken with the orange juice
    • 2nd day after diet: Same as first day
    • 3rd day: Orange juice in the morning. Raw fruit for lunch. Fruit or raw vegetable salad at night. You are now ready to eat normally
  • If you usually have eaten meat, milk, refined, and devitalized food, change over as follows, gradually adopting a raw fruit, nut, and vegetable diet
    • 1st day after diet: Several 8 oz. glasses of fresh orange juice as desired through the day. Drink it slowly.
    • 2nd day: Several 8 oz. glasses of fresh orange juice as desired through the day, with extra water if needed. Some time during the afternoon prepare a vegetable soup (recipe in book); have this soup for the evening meal using mostly the broth, although some of the vegetables may be eaten. Rye wafers may be eaten sparingly with the soup, but no bread or crackers
    • 3rd day: Drink orange juice in the morning. At noon have some more soup. For the evening meal eat whatever is desired in the form of vegetables, salads, or fruit. No meat, fish, eggs, bread, pastries, tea, coffee, or milk
    • 4th day: Normal eating may be resumed, but best health will be retained if the morning meal consists of the lemonade cleanse juice (recipe above) or fruit juice, and if a strictly fruit, vegetable, seed and berry diet is followed.

If, after eating is resumed, distress or gas occurs, it is suggested that the lemonade diet be continued for several more days until the system is ready for food.

Lifetime diet

Foods to eat in The Master Cleanse lifetime diet

Follow a vegan diet; raw may be beneficial

  • Fruits and berries
  • Vegetables
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Juices should be intact, including the pulp
  • Suggested daily menu
    • Breakfast – fresh lemonade (recipe above), fresh orange juice, or fresh grapefruit juice. Occasionally, if you have no desire for this, try some hot peppermint tea
    • Noon lunch – lunch may be omitted with no ill effects; many will find a small amount of fruit sufficient. If one desires more, a small vegetable or fruit salad may be eaten. Soup (homemade vegetable soup) or tomato juice, hot or cold, may be taken with vegetable salad. Freshly made coconut milk or almond milk (recipes in the book) may be taken with the fruit salad
    • Evening dinner – start with a vegetable soup, then have two or three vegetables steamed slightly. On other occasions try special dishes such as vegetable stew, various types of brown rice dishes (curried rice, Spanish rice, chop suey and rice), chili beans (made with lima beans or red beans), or any recipe using lentils or garbanzo beans/chickpeas
    • Change your menu daily, and make sure there is plenty of variety from day to day
    • An occasional mono diet meal, with just 1 or 2 ingredients, is beneficial
    • Do not over eat – stick to small portions

Foods to avoid or limit with The Master Cleanse lifetime diet

  • Animal products – meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, milk products
  • Meat substitutes should be eaten very, very sparingly or not at all
  • Processed foods, including bread and pastries
  • Sweeteners – honey, artificial sweeteners, synthetic sugars, and refined sugars
  • Coffee or tea

Health benefits claimed in The Master Cleanse

The diet in this book claims to reduce the risks for: abscesses, allergies, asthma, boils, bronchial troubles, carbuncles, colds, edema/dropsy, flu, hay fever, high cholesterol, mucus diseases, pimples, sinus troubles, skin disorders, stomach ulcers, toxemia, ulcers

As always, this is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition. Consult your doctor before starting a new diet. This page describes what the authors of the diet recommend – Chewfo is describing the diet only, not endorsing it.

Get a copy of The Master Cleanser for details on how the detox diet works; thoughts on modern medicine, vitamins and supplements, natural alternatives to medicines, and some recipes.
Buy now from Amazon
How has this diet helped you? Please add a comment or question below.

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  • jannette May 13, 2014, 2:54 pm

    Hi this is day 8 on my master cleanse and I’m doing the sea salt flush, but no real bowel movements yet, only dirty water is coming out. What should I do?

    • Penny Hammond May 13, 2014, 8:10 pm

      Make sure you’re drinking enough liquids, not just the minimums suggested, to help flush out. The book also suggests taking “a good laxative herb tea” last thing at night and first thing in the morning.
      How were you eating before you went on the diet? If you were eating a lot of processed foods, and didn’t transition with lots of vegetables, that may have caused things to get stuck.
      How are you feeling? If you’re not feeling great, then it may be better to come off the cleanse, breaking the diet slowly following the instructions in the book.

      • Maria June 4, 2014, 9:30 pm

        This might be too late and hopefully you didn’t get off the cleanse. Not sure if you read books prior to the cleanse, but it would help to be informed prior to. In any case, did you take IODIZED sea salt and not the UNIODIZED sea salt? And did you take the recommended 2 teaspoon and not 2 tablespoon? That might have been the problem. Also, you won’t be having “real” bowel movements. Everything should be coming out in liquid form. The “dirty” water are the toxins coming out of your body. Again, because you are drinking “water,” liquid should be coming out.

  • Vi Nguyen July 4, 2014, 10:51 am

    I completed the Master Cleanse start to finish! I feel amazing and refreshed! I decided to do the cleanse because I had several health issues occur to due stresses in my life and I was sick for 3 continues month, (I’m normally a very healthy person, exercise regularly, healthy diet) last one being hives for over 3 weeks. I heard about the cleanse and read up on it and did my research before I started.

    I juiced for a week and a half leading up to my start day, June 20. With one solid meal before my bartending shift to make sure I had enough calories and energy to finish my work shift.
    Day one on the cleanse I lost 5lbs of toxic waste. I felt amazing, cheerful and happy…which I hadn’t felt in 3 months. Day 2-4 was the same. Day 5-6 was tough for me, all I could think about was food!!! I pushed through the cravings and drank the lemonade to rid of the hunger. Day 7-10 stressed from work so I wasn’t sure if how I felt was from that or that I hadn’t eaten solid foods for 10 days. Lol

    I’m on day 4 I believe post cleanse. Eased back in like suggested. Yesterday was first day of moral diet, well raw salads. Stomach was uneasy for most of the day.

    I’m really happy I did the cleanse. My hives are gone, my skin feels softer, I’m much happier person, and my energy level is back to where it should be!!! I lost a total of 9lbs! My stomach hasn’t been flat in over a yr, I felt bloated and nasty! My confidence level has also returned, I felt so down on myself and just unattractive for letting myself go, I use to do body building shows.
    I definitely recommend doing your research before starting the cleanse, and that you’re doing it for the right reasons.
    Thanks for your time and I hope my experience helped!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    • Nita March 17, 2015, 1:30 pm

      I feel exactly the same as you. 🙂
      One thing i found amazing was that you could actually feel the different stages your body was going through.
      I suffered quit a lot with headaches… But tried my bedt eith drinking more water.
      How ever.. Day 7 was it… I honestly couldnt take it any more.. Food is a very big part of my life so Ive come off it.
      Ive lost nearly 9 pounds in these 7 days. But I go to the gym too to get back in shape, and I have 🙂
      At the start i thought yes, I can do 10 days, easy…but 7 was ok for me.
      The master cleanse i followed said to drink salt water every morning… that was the worst.. but i will do tjis sgain 🙂 not in spring or autum as I was sooo cold all the time.
      Keep up the good energies! 🙂

    • Jordan April 12, 2015, 3:42 pm


      Did you do the salt water flush for the whole 40day whilst doing the master cleanse?


  • Maggie August 4, 2014, 12:19 pm

    That third day first day I took 8 cup of master cleans with some frish trout
    2 banana some berries second day 10 cup but I got around to cup fruit and
    vegetable juice
    I’m planning today the third day to take 10 cup from the lemonade and 8oz
    Organic orange juice
    But is it ok to do the same until 10 days ? Or not worth it with fruit & vegetable
    Pleas help me because I want to get good result to cleans may body and Loss
    Some pounds may goal to loss 10: 12 pound
    Thank you for helping

    • Penny Hammond August 4, 2014, 8:45 pm

      It wouldn’t be a full / standard Master Cleanse, but you might find some benefits of a cleanse with fruit and vegetables as well as the Master Cleanse drink. See how you feel and stop if you feel unwell.

  • Lola Lewis August 6, 2014, 1:18 pm

    I started the master cleanse Monday, July 28, 2014. My last day is today, August 6, 2014. I am so glad that I made this journey. I am a pretty healthy eater but with school and studing and assignments, I became a stressful eater and therefore seeing the change in my body. After 3 days on the master cleanse, I could tell the different in my body and I also dropped 4-5 lbs. I did complete the entire cleanse but it did become very difficult, in that, I wanted to eat, eat and eat but I didn’t , I stay true to the purpose enduring the cause. I have lost a total of 16 lbs. is this normal? I am so glad for this master cleanse.

    • Penny Hammond August 6, 2014, 2:52 pm

      If you don’t eat and you drink very few calories, you’re likely to lose some weight – the amount you lose will depend on a lot of factors, including your original weight.
      Remember to break the diet gently, following the book’s instructions – if you suddenly start eating a lot you could cause a big shock for your body!

  • Sydney August 8, 2014, 5:56 pm

    Ok, so I am on Day 3 of the cleanse. great experience so far. I have been doing everything as told; tea at night, salt water flush in morning, and drinking 8 8oz glasses of the lemonade. I really only experience bowl movements in the morning. Hardly ever throughout the day or night. and if i do, it is very very minimal. is this normal? My body before the cleanse was on a very strict schedule, only having movements first thing in the morning and no other time throughout the day. I am drinking plenty of water. Thanks!!

    • Penny Hammond August 8, 2014, 8:06 pm

      When you’re not eating, you probably don’t have as much to get out of your system as when you eat. Having one bowel movement a day is normal for many people, so probably not worth worrying about.
      Are you taking the laxative tea as frequently as suggested by Dr. Cabot?

  • Reetal October 1, 2014, 5:44 pm

    I work on a cruise ship and it is very difficult to get pure maple syrup. Is it ok to substitute the maple syrup with honey? Ive read a few places where it can and some said you cannot. Will I get the same effect?

    • Penny Hammond October 5, 2014, 2:26 pm

      On page 18 of the book, it says in bold letters “Honey must not be used at any time internally.” The author compares it to alcohol – being predigested, it enters the blood directly, raising the sugar content very rapidly above normal. “To correct this, the pancreas must produce insulin immediately or possible death can occur. More insulin than necessary is likely to be produced, and the blood sugar level then drops below normal. This can produce blackout spells and even death if it goes too low. When blood sugar is below normal, a person will feel depressed. The regular use of honey can create constant imbalances which in turn will adversely affect the normal function of the liver, pancreas and spleen.”

      In the same section of the book, it says that “the balanced sugar in maple syrup and sugar can juice causes no dangerous side effects.”
      The book doesn’t mention agave nectar, coconut sugar, or other more recently-popular natural sugar alternatives.

  • Suze October 17, 2014, 5:25 pm

    I did this cleanse for 10 days and I felt fine the entire time. I lost 10 pounds. I am sticking to the instructions given for breaking the fast. I loved it. I am planning to do it again next month.

  • Suze October 18, 2014, 12:08 am

    I started the master cleanse on October 6, 2014 and finished on the 15th. I love this I was full of energy. I prayed everyday for guidance and strength and for God to take me through each day one day at a time. I made with no problems. I am happy i did this cleanse. My first day off the cleanse I started with the orange juice and water, day 2more orange juice, veggie soup . I enjoyed every bit of this. Thank God I did it.

  • Lauren October 18, 2014, 10:26 am

    So I’m on day 5 now, and wondering if I’m doing something wrong because I read that I’d be losing 1-2 pounds a day because of a lot of intestinal gunk coming out. I’ve had nothing at all like that coming out. I’m pretty sure all the salt water I’m drinking in the morning is just running right through me because immediately after I drink it it comes out liquid, just with a neon yellow color, or sometimes liquid with tiny bits in it. I’m doing everything exactly as directed. The liter of water with 2 tablespoons of non-iodized sea salt first thing in the morning, the laxative tea at bedtime, and 60 ounces of the mix throughout the day with water in between. One website said to drink 60-100 ounces of the mix a day for detox, but for weight loss that 60 was enough and to cut the maple syrup amount in half, so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Is that incorrect? From yesterday to today I’ve lost less than half a pound and I’m getting extremely frustrated.

    • Penny Hammond October 19, 2014, 12:26 pm

      You should be having some sort of bowel movement (the book says you should have 2-3 or more eliminations a day) – if not, you’re not getting rid of “toxins and congestions that have formed in any part of the body”.

      The Master Cleanser book doesn’t say anything about cutting the maple syrup if you’re trying to lose weight. It says “About six glasses of lemonade a day are enough for those wishing to reduce. Extra water may be taken as desired.”

      You can’t expect consistent weight loss on any diet or eating plan. Your body varies its response to what you eat, you have hormonal fluctuations, you get sick – weighing yourself every day and expecting a smaller number each time isn’t going to help you.

      This isn’t primarily a weight loss diet – it’s a cleansing / detox diet for generally improving your health. You may put weight back on after you finish the program as your body tries to make up for not having food for many days.

    • SParramore February 2, 2015, 9:43 am

      I noticed in your comment that you are using 2 TABLESPOONS of non iodized salt. Not sure if this makes a difference (although it probably does) it’s Teaspoons NOT tablespoons. Something about the correct salinity. Sounds like you’re ingesting way too much.

      My husband and I just started the Master Cleanse this morning. Glad this forum is here,, lots of good questions and answers.

  • Sonny January 11, 2015, 8:10 am

    I started cleanse on Dec. 31, 2014 ending Jan. 9, 2015. Can anyone please share their experience on when normal bowel movements will occur? I’ve done my first day of fresh squeezed organic orange juice. Second day I will do same and have vegetable broth later in evening. Third day introduce raw veggies and fruit. How long after will I start having a bowel movement? I’m passing gas in the morning on second day but curious. I hope I didn’t mess my system up by taking laxatives and it has become dependent on that. Thanks for any feedback.

  • narceli January 19, 2015, 10:49 pm

    i want to start the master cleansing diet but i cannot find maple syrup, i read one in you comment reply u cannot use honey, just wanna make sure if i can use coconut sugar, because i saw in supermarket it say pure coco sugar, its in powder form. can i used that as alternative in maple syrup? Thanks a lot.

    • Penny Hammond January 20, 2015, 3:23 pm

      The book doesn’t mention coconut sugar, or other more recently-popular natural sugar alternatives. It calls pure maple syrup “the most perfectly balanced sweetener of all.” It says that pure sorghum is the next best sweetener as it too has not been refined or altered or adulterated (p.19)
      It also says that blackstrap molassess is the sweetener that should be used for people who have diabetes. Can you find that instead?

      • narceli January 21, 2015, 4:35 am

        Thank you very much for the info, i think can find molasses in the market. Actually because I’m eager to start my cleansing diet i start yesterday even without sweetener, so basically i only used lemon and cayenne pepper 🙂 , i started not eating dinner jan 19, and the next morning i follow all the step. its my second day today, i feel a lil bit weak, but im ok, all i can think is food. i even pray that i can fight this craving. Is there any i can eat during cleansing diet? Lol im sorry for asking too much, im really thinking if i can eat any food during this cleansing diet.
        So anyway i really search before i started this cleansing diet and im glad i found your page.
        Thanks a lot and more power. God bless!.

        • Penny Hammond January 21, 2015, 10:15 am

          You’re not supposed to eat anything on this diet – just drink the “lemonade”, water, and occasionally mint tea.
          The book says that if you get hungry you should just drink more “lemonade”.
          The maple syrup (or in your case molasses) is a key part of the recipe, not to be left out – adding it in should help reduce your craving.

    • MARGIE September 23, 2015, 7:43 am

      You can use Molasses. Once the ship stop in any port, ask for Molasses. Molasses is the best source also for diabetics. Ommit the honey. Just do water and lime/lemon until you find Maple Syrup grade B if not A will do ot Molasses.

  • Jennilyn Cabansag January 22, 2015, 3:17 am

    Hi, I am on my 2nd day of Master Cleanse. A quick question, if i stop on my 5th day..do i still need to follow also the 1st-3rd day after diet (1st day – orange juice etc)?

    • Penny Hammond January 23, 2015, 7:56 am

      You might be able to go through the same steps but speed it up a bit.

  • helen January 29, 2015, 11:25 pm

    I had like 4 nuts on day three and one chip the other day will this effect my results. I have done this diet before and did it for 30 days. I thinks it’s amazing and stuck to it and kept the weight of for almost two years. I know have gained 7 pounds in 6 months not bad because I stopped eating healthy and exercising. I also do the flush in the am. So will my results be the same?

    • Penny Hammond February 3, 2015, 5:10 pm

      The book says that you shouldn’t eat anything apart from the “lemonade” during the cleanse. I don’t know whether 4 nuts and 1 chip would make a difference to your results. Did you feel different after eating them? Did they make you hungrier?

  • Eva February 4, 2015, 8:10 pm

    Just want to encourage the people doing the Master Cleanse….today is my 10th day and I’ve lost 16 pounds so far. I would like to do it for 21 days, but I’m feeling hungry. I’ve done it before with the same results. In past years I’ve done it for 10 days, this time, I want to do it a little longer….let see how much longer I can go. I love reading everyone’s comments and Q&A.

    • Penny Hammond February 5, 2015, 8:22 am

      If you’re feeling hungry, it’s probably time to start breaking the cleanse.

      The book says you can do the cleanse for up to 40 days, but that probably wouldn’t work for most people!

      Remember that this isn’t primarily a weight loss diet, and you may put weight back on after you finish the program as your body tries to make up for not having food for many days.

      • Eva February 9, 2015, 1:51 pm

        Thank you, Penny! I had to ended, I was feeling very hungry. I really appreciate your site and will continue reading all the comments. As difficult as it is to go through it; the reward is great.

  • Binta February 23, 2015, 5:26 am

    just finish the master cleanse i did 14 days and i feel great it prepared my body for a healthy lifestyle i also purchased nutribulet so i can start making healthy food. the master cleanse is not meant for weight-loss is for cleaning your body out so it prepare yourself for a healthy lifestyle, although u will loose weight but that should not be your main focus, while i was on it i did more praying and reading the bible and i started to research on healthy food, focus on positive things while your on it. and before you start it get all the proper ingredients, if your in london you can get maple sryup that is amber no.2 thats another word for grade be or just get it from amazon or ebay. this are the links but make sure you get the right maple syrup is highly important.

    ebay link (UK)

    amozon link (UK) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Terrasana-Organic-Maple-Syrup-Litre/dp/B009F7LZSA

  • ketchup April 9, 2015, 8:20 pm

    Hi. Just wondering why you should never vary thr amount of lemon juice per glass. I’m on my 8th day and what I usually do is to drink 3 glasses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I usually mix everything in one glass first then drink it in one go and then drink 2 glasses of water after. Would there be a significant difference in the effects of thr cleanse because of this? Thanks

    • Penny Hammond April 12, 2015, 2:44 pm

      The book says that if you get hungry, have another glass of the lemonade recipe; extra water can be taken as desired. As long as you have 6-12 glasses of the lemonade daily, as well as extra water if you want, that should be fine.

  • victoria April 11, 2015, 4:42 am

    i live in a country where maple syrup, molasses cant be gotten.. do i need the sweetners… wont my liver just convert my body fat to needed glucose or glycogen

    • Penny Hammond April 12, 2015, 4:00 pm

      Molasses is sometimes called black treacle, you can probably find it by that name – it’s an unrefined byproduct of sugar manufacture, and contains the plant juices left after crystallized sugar has been extracted, so it contains important minerals.

      On this program, you’re told that “The sweetening MUST be used to properly balance the lemon and to achieve the desired results of cleansing and building.” (p. 19)

  • victoria April 11, 2015, 4:47 am

    are there adverse effects if salt water flush is done morning and night instead of the laxative tea at night?

    • Penny Hammond April 12, 2015, 4:06 pm

      The book says “It is quite advisable to take the herb laxative tea at night to loosen, then the salt water each morning to wash it out. If for some reason the salt water can not be taken in the morning then the herb laxative tea must be taken night and morning.” (p. 28)

      It also says that salt water “may be taken as often as needed for proper washing of the entire digestive system.” (p. 27) – which might mean you can have it more often than just in the morning. But doing that might not work as well as using the laxative tea at night (and some may argue that having too much salt water might introduce too much salt to your body).

  • Laura April 21, 2015, 3:41 pm

    I have done this master cleanse and did very well
    I loss 7 pounds n 7 days and getting ready for another cleanse.

  • Misstooclean June 19, 2015, 5:50 pm

    I am on day 18 of The Master Cleanse. I still get pretty tired. I try to exert myself only when I must. As long as I follow the recommended dose daily, I feel fine and bm’s continue. I have most of my battles within my mind. I notice I have very specific cravings. For me, a 30 year vegan, I crave tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole! Also, I make a fantastic turmeric salad in which I can almost taste! Dreams of preparing food have happened twice and it’s odd waking up thinking, “Did I just eat something?” All in all I love the way I look! My skin is beautiful and when I started out, I had this rash that wouldn’t go away! Now all gone! I am skinny now, too! 😉 No more big rolly-polly bloated belly! I can fit my cute clothes again! My thinking is clear, eyesight better, and it’s easier for me to move around. “My body is more sensitive”, my taste buds and sense of smell 100 percent more acute! I started out at 145lbs, and now weigh 127. My purpose was to cleanse. And it’s working! I wasn’t sure about going 30 days, but now I’m on the countdown! I look forward to my first salad!

    • Penny Hammond June 25, 2015, 7:19 am

      How wonderful that you’re feeling healthier.
      However, if you feel tired or run down, don’t push yourself because of a number that you chose – listen to your body and come out of the cleanse.

      • Misstooclean July 3, 2015, 3:03 pm

        Thanks, but my “tiredness” was my body letting me know the cleanse was working, and sometimes my signal to get in the bed and rest; which I did! It felt soooo good, too! I went the entire 30 days! I felt like going longer; but maybe next time. I am on my second day of organic fresh squeezed orange juice and look totally forward to eating watermelon tomorrow for lunch and my salad for dinner! Making the vegetable soup day after tomorrow. Then I will begin probiotics along with my new cleansed body. I started 32 days ago at 145 lbs. now I am 120lbs and 7 percent body fat! Isn’t that awesome?!!! I must admit that I am a great candidate for this cleanse because of my vegetarian background. But in order to follow through on every detail of Stanley Burroughs instructions, I had to muster up every ounce of determination, discipline, study, and “self psychology” I could in order to complete it correctly and healthily! And… I did just that! I feel like a brand new woman! No pains in any joints, no cravings for sugar or alcohol, or any junk food… Just a lovely “craving” for fresh, clean, beautiful vegetables! Much love and strength to those who follow Stanley Burroughs path to his desired end…

  • Chris July 10, 2015, 3:04 pm

    I did the master cleanse for five days but always had fruit salad for dinner because I was going to the gym in the evenings and exercising. Will that affect me in anyway? I will also be starting a green Smoothy challenge 3 days after the cleanse. Is that ok?

    • Penny Hammond July 10, 2015, 6:58 pm

      This cleanse is quite extreme for most people, so if you add some fruit it won’t be following the guidelines exactly… however fruits are one of the first foods to be reintroduced, so they’re probably the best type of food to deviate from the diet with.
      Listen to what your body tells you about doing another cleanse so soon after the first one – green smoothie challenges will usually have more calories and will definitely contain more nutrients than doing the Master Cleanse, but if your body’s reached its limits on cleansing then it may be worth a longer break so you can build up on protein and energy-producing foods (fats/carbs) before cleansing again.

  • Zaby July 20, 2015, 3:45 am

    Hi! I’ve dine the master cleanse like twice already in the last 4 years, first time I did it for 28 days and felt very energized, weightless and was never tired. I tried to do it a few days ago but was hard going in, I cheated the first days eating something little to scare my hunger away (I was wrongly told that only 3 glasses of 16 oz were permitted per day) until the 8th day I started doing it right no food at all, it was difficult at the beginning but stuck with it, 5 days later I got sick, I got a flu and was feeling very bad, but I wasn’t hungry at all I was already at a point where your body just gets used to have the lemonade, but during my sickness I started taking medicine and trying to take lots of water to balance it out, but I started experiencing nausea when taking the lemonade, so sadly I decided to stop the cleanse and start eating again, I did it the right way, and the second day I had the vegetable broth for dinner which caused me nausea, the next day I wasn’t hungry at all, I just drank lots of water, just the thinking of food makes me nauseaus, today I had VERY little raw oatmeal for breakfast, a sliced tomato with lemon for lunch, and a mango for dinner… I ate because I had to but not because I wanted to. I think I would feel better if I go back to the cleanse but I’m still sick and have 5 more days of medicine to go. Do you think I good sick because of the toxins coming out of my body? I’m just afraid of going back and be nauseated by the drink again or something. But food isn’t doing good fo my body either.
    Can I go back to the cleanse? Will it flush my flu out? I’m just not even hungry again, I think I’m still in time to go back to it. Would that be ok.? Or suggested? Thank you!!!

    • Penny Hammond July 24, 2015, 5:58 pm

      The books says: “When to use it: When sickness has developed; in all acute and chronic conditions.” (p.18)

      However, the book doesn’t say anything about what to do if you’re taking medications… check in with your doctor for that.

  • Tracy August 15, 2015, 1:44 am

    I am at the end of my 8th day. I did not do the laxitive tea or the salt water though. I am drinking a lot of water, more than the first couple of days. I slacked on the lemonade the first 4 days not drinking more than 5. I have experienced a little dizziness, and a bit of nausea that was quickly soothed by having another drink. Now it is not a problem to drink all 6 glasses if not more. I really want to eat! I have not cheated in any way. All I can think about is what my meal plan will be as soon as I start to eat normally again. Losing weight is the greatest motivator other than knowing that my habits will change, and toxins are leaving my body. My bloating is gone and I am not able to take naps during the day. I have more energy and getting more done. I still have headaches, but this could be the need of prescription glasses. By the way, I have a big family, adults, teens a baby and a toddler. Plus, I also have a husband who is also a great cook. I am proud of myself as my family is also very proud. You just have to set your mind to do it. Life happens and there is always an excuse not to do it. 8th day and I have lost 14 pounds so far and feel way better. 2 more days to go!

  • Margarita Gomez September 23, 2015, 7:52 am

    I started the Master Cleanser today 23 of September 2015 weighted 155LB 4’9″tall 50 years of age. Warm water with 2 teaspoons of uniodized sea salt. As soon i was drinking. I had 3 strong BM. Oooo i was so happy. Now i made 16 oz of distilled water 1/2 fresh squeeze lime and 2 teaspoons of Molasses, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Let you know the next days or later today.

  • O October 14, 2015, 4:48 pm

    Ive done this cleanse a few times before with mixed results. I’ve started again today and would be interested in a partner to check in with now and again. Any takers? I try for 2 weeks at a stretch.

  • Patty October 17, 2015, 6:46 pm

    I’m on day 3 and noticed I’m breaking out on my face & back. Is that normal? I’ve done the cleanse before for 32 days and never noticed this side effect.

    • Penny Hammond October 25, 2015, 4:52 pm

      Has anybody else ever had this symptom when they follow the cleanse?

      The book says “We eliminate wastes through the breathing, the skin, the kidneys, the colon and from the sinus through the nose. The most wastes are eliminated by breathing, and next in their order the skin, the colon, the kidneys and depending on the individual from the sinus. Often we eliminate large quantities of wastes in the form of mucous as we develop our colds, flu, etc. One can see how important becomes our elimination by the skin. Even when in good condition it is important to bathe once or twice daily to remove these wastes from the surface of the skin thus allowing it to breathe properly. These baths will help to eliminate these obnoxious odors while we cleanse our body.” (p.44)

  • CombatVetGurl December 25, 2015, 10:51 pm

    Hi everyone, reading everyone’s post tonight has helped me tremendously. Tonight (x-mas), my ninth day has been the hardest of all. Tomorrow will be the big 10. I found this forum while reaching how to come off the diet, after struggling so bad today. I really would like to continue, especially because while reseaching and preplanning I learned their were others who went for forty days (unbelievable!) I was interested in detoxing, but truthfully losing weight was driving my decision to do this cleanse. I retired five years ago, US Army, after serving 20 years, w/ two deployment in Iraq. After retirement, I was diagnosis w/ PTSD. I found my extremely depressed and indulging heavily. After I starting counseling, I noticed the damaged I had created. I gained about 65lbs which has caused me to spiral backwards to depression. I was always petite, in great health (physically and mentally). I started back several times running and working out twice a day, which I loved, but each time got discourage after not losing any weight. After doing some reseaching, I discovered another forum and the discussions was about the weight, (contraception), which I had gotten right before retirement and how others no matter how hard they worked out and watch their eating habits found it impossible to lose weight, that was me, so I had it removed a couple days before starting this cleanse. Fustrated with it all I trashed my scale. I can’t see any results even after nine days, tomorrow I’ll be purchasing another scale. Whether I continue will be determined after I weigh in tomorrow. This maybe TMI, but I done a lot of praying throughout this journey and I thank God I found this forum it really has help me tonight. Good Luck, God Bless and you ALL are in my prayer tonight.


    • Penny Hammond December 26, 2015, 2:05 pm

      Thanks for your post; I hope you’re feeling less frustrated today.

      People who’ve done the Master Cleanse for 40 days may have done it before – don’t try to push yourself to a goal just because a few other people have reached it; it might not be good for you.

      What symptoms do you have apart from weight and depression? Also, what types of food do you like to eat? Are there any foods that trigger you to eat more?
      Depending on your answer, I could point you to some other possibilities.

      After a bit of a break from cleansing, you might want to consider a diet that adds nutrients – e.g. 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith, a popular cleanse that encourages you to consume fruits and veggies and to make sure that everything that comes in goes out again.

  • Sasquatch January 11, 2016, 4:27 pm

    Day 8 and almost feeling like day 3 again. Energy level is a bit low. Could not get out of bed this AM where I usually do not have that issue when on the MC. Been drinking lemonade all day. Have passed quite a bit of solid waste all day today which I have not done this far into the MC before. I find the output to be the most fascinating thing of the cleanse. Been freezing cold all day. I have been diluting lemonade I made for work with hot water to try and stay warm. I love how the hot water also makes the cayenne hotter.

    This cleanse is always a challenge. Craving are unbelievable at times. The other day, I was hoping my girlfriend would ask me to thaw out some carrot/ginger or kale soup for her so I could have a taste. I miss having an IPA in the evening. I’ve had a half can of chewing tobacco on my coffee table in front of me and have not touched it. I find it important that I keep the things I am not supposed to have around. Avoiding problems will not solve them. Adjusting your interactions when they are around is what is going to make the positive relationship. I still walk around the grocery store…check out the salad bar, the bakery, the hot food bar. The smell is great…but the feeling I get walking out only with more lemons, syrup, cayenne and water is more rewarding. Every day, going to bed knowing I made it through to another day is great.

    Some questions I have that I cannot find answers for. Can someone help out?

    1. Do you need to drink straight water? I generally dilute most of my lemonade to 16-20 oz through out the day. I’ll have a few sips of the 8oz lemonade mix throughout the day. Since I drink diluted lemonade all day, the 8oz mixture is really a sweet treat…almost like a candy bar or piece of fudge.

    2. Does solid waste coming out daily mean I need to continue the cleanse longer than the 10 day? Was planning on going for 30 days but more for weight loss and empowerment reasons. I feel like the solid waste is showing that my body is pushing a lot of garbage out. Never had this much when I have done the MC before.

    3. Is it okay to add more cayenne than recommended? I really enjoy the heat.

    • Penny Hammond January 13, 2016, 6:10 pm

      The book says “About 6 glasses of lemonade a day are enough for those wishing to reduce. Extra water may be taken as desired.” (p.24)

      I can’t see any guidelines associating when you finish the cleanse and what waste comes out.

      The book says “Adding a dash of cayenne pepper to each glass of lemonade will give an additional lift and is a blood building material. The cayenne also helps break up mucous and stimulate increased elimination of the toxins” (p. 21). I can’t see any guidelines about taking extra cayenne.

  • Vlad February 21, 2016, 11:16 pm

    Hello everyone. Thank you for all the info. This has been helpful for me so far. I’m on my third day of the cleanse and it’s been quite difficult. I do intend on doing the full 10 days. I’m definitely already seeing results, stomach is flatter, more energy and focus.

    My question is: how many ounces of lemonade does each “glass” contain? I know it says 6-12 glasses, but nowhere does it specify how many ounces per glass.

    My other question is: I love maple syrup. I’ve consumed a teaspoon or so here and there while making the juice. Will this effect result?

    • Penny Hammond February 24, 2016, 12:53 pm

      A single serving is 10 oz water, plus 2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice, plus 2 tablespoons maple syrup, plus a tiny amount of cayenne. That totals to about 10 1/4 ounces.

      When you say “a teaspoon or so here and there” do you mean a few teaspoons every time you make the lemonade? If yes, that would probably affect results by changing the balance of what you’re consuming. A teaspoon or less once a day might not be the end of the world.

    • Penny Hammond February 24, 2016, 12:53 pm

      A single serving is 10 oz water, plus 2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice, plus 2 tablespoons maple syrup, plus a tiny amount of cayenne. That totals to about 10 1/4 ounces.

      When you say “a teaspoon or so here and there” do you mean a few teaspoons every time you make the lemonade? If yes, that would probably affect results by changing the balance of what you’re consuming. A teaspoon or less once a day might not be the end of the world.

  • Nelly March 9, 2016, 8:02 am

    Thank you somuch for the Master Cleanse. It has helped me to archive my weight, skin and lifetime diet.

    I was size 36, after the Master Cleanse I’m size 32 for 33… My goal was size 34.

    I love a radiant, supple and ever glowing skin. That’s what I’ve archived after the Master Cleanse.

    The cherry on top is that because of the Master Cleanse, I’ve been able to change from junk eating lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle. I now crave for living foods only. I used to love ice-cream somuch but now that desire has died. I don’t eat junk food totally, coffee, processed foods or anykind of Man made foods.
    What I adore the most is that, I don’t restrict myself but I don’t have appetite for these foods. It’s Amazing!

    My body is feeling fly, wonderful, light and peaceful. I enjoy gym and jogging even more now because my body is light and listens to my instructions as I’ve dominated it using the Master Cleanse tool.
    You can attempt it yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

    I followed all the instructions on easing in and easing out. I did Master Cleanse for 10 day’s. Of which when adding up the easing’s….it’s 16 day’s in total.

    Nelly…. Mbabane… Swaziland.

  • J's Dad March 9, 2016, 4:54 pm

    I’m on Day 17, and will start consuming orange juice, tonight. Days 3 – 5 were horrible: headaches, mostly. Oddly, I enjoyed the “sensation” of the sea salt water flush – crazy successful. After Week 1 was complete, I joined a gym and haven’t looked back. 15 minutes on a treadmill (walking fast paced) followed by 45 minutes of weights and 20 minutes in a sauna, every other day, and I went from 225lbs to an even 200lbs. My energy levels were highest, beginning on Day 7 and seemed to increase everyday. Although this is one of the more extreme ways to cleanse, I recommend that others give something new a try.

  • Tim March 15, 2016, 11:22 am

    Have completed 10 days on the master cleanse and feel great. But on the second day after coming off noticed a rash on my face and different parts of my body.
    Should I have stayed on the cleanse? Should i go back on the cleanse, as it has been two weeks now and the rash is not gone.

    • Penny Hammond March 22, 2016, 5:38 pm

      It’s possible the rash is unrelated – worth checking with your doctor.
      Usually symptoms appear while you’re on the cleanse; it would be unusual for them to appear afterwards.

  • Ash April 6, 2016, 1:55 pm

    I have had cold for over a week and lot of congestion and body aches. I heard about this diet through a co-worker and his success. I am on day two of the diet and my body aches have stopped, however I am having headaches. I did the herbal tea laxative last night and Sea Salt with Luke warm water this morning and that flushed my system with tons of dirty water. I am not hungry at all and unable to drink the minimum of 6 glass of water. Is that ok? What can I do regarding the headaches? I am taking Advil which helps. Appreciate your time. This form is GREAT and Very helpful.

    • Penny Hammond April 17, 2016, 9:40 pm

      If you’ve been eating certain foods/substances like sugar, processed carbohydrates, and coffee, then having a headache is a common symptom of going cold turkey. It should only last a few days, if that’s the cause.

  • Ankit April 21, 2016, 12:44 pm

    Hi, I am a 23 year old boy. I have a desk job that requires around 10 hours of efforts in weekdays. I am keen to know about the amount of sleep that is must to avoid negative impacts while following this diet. I play Cricket on Saturday mornings, and during summers the temperature can be as high as 40 degree Celsius (104 degree Fahrenheit ), so what steps I need to take to avoid any adversity.
    Thanks and regards

    • Penny Hammond May 3, 2016, 5:16 pm

      The author says “Ordinarily with fasting it is necessary to take it easy by resting or staying in bed. On the contrary, with the lemonade diet there is no need to become a useless member of society and you may live an active, normal life. Many workers at hard labor have often found they are able to do more and harder work on the lemonade diet than on the normal diet.”(p. 38).
      This may not be true for all people.
      You could try the cleanse for a few days when you don’t have to be too physically active, and see how it affects you personally.
      If the weather is hot, make sure you drink enough liquid – if you get thirsty you can drink water, and you can also drink more lemonade if you feel hungry.

  • Patricia May 12, 2016, 8:50 pm

    I started the cleanse today I am not hungry but not feeling well can I come off of it and what should I start with juice soup etc
    Thank you

    • Penny Hammond May 22, 2016, 5:10 pm

      If you just started today, there’s no real need to break off the diet slowly (as would be recommended if you’d been on the diet for at least a day).

  • Gurdev singh May 17, 2016, 2:36 am

    Why can u not eat meat after the diet????

    • Penny Hammond May 22, 2016, 4:56 pm

      The author recommends that for best health you “follow the fruit, nut and vegetarian way of eating; it causes less congestion and chronic or acute disorders. Keep the body clean, inside and out. NOTE: This diet is given merely as a suggestion; anyone who follows it does so voluntarily. Since each person, naturally, reacts differently, each individual should use his own judgement as to its use.” (p. 36).
      This would involve not eating meat, fish, eggs, or milk for your lifetime diet.

  • CJaneRun May 18, 2016, 5:48 pm

    Today is day 6 and the last day for this go round for me. I’ve done this cleanse 3 or 4 times before, within the last 12 years. (Longest stretch was the first time, for 11 days, normal length for me is about 6-8 days.) It was highly successful that first time (with a 30+ years worth of junk and toxins to eliminate each day).
    Each time since, I’ve noticed that I didn’t need to stay on it as long as that first time to get that same result. AND – Bonus, my seasonal allergies are significantly reduced since that first go round. Only on the very worst days do I even need to take anything, in mild years, I can pretty much bypass all meds except an eye drop now and then.

    Lately, I’ve noticed myself just feeling “off” and due to hypertension, I’ve also been assigned by the Dr. to drop 20% of my body weight. A big task, and I used this to help get my self back to center to reach that goal. I had been feeling lethargic during the day and exhausted at the end of an easy work day, bloated, irritable, prone to headaches and to the point where nothing I ate made me feel good, so I kept eating.

    I have lost 9-10 lbs, I noticed that beyond the first 3-4 days, there was not much coming out of the AM eliminations. But the color of the water was reflecting the toxins being flushed out. (orangeish and almost a turmeric color.) I didn’t feel that it was too difficult this time, because I knew how well I’d feel after it was all over. But I remember that first time thinking I was going to die. lol The hardest part for me is the Salt water flush in the AM. I have such a hard time drinking/gagging that much of that vile combo all at once. I feel if you can deal with that, not eating food is no big deal, stay busy and reorganize your closet or other tasks that you’ve been putting off, you’ll have accomplished a lot by the time it’s all over. 🙂

    It’s easier, for sure, if you have a cleanse buddy, but stay strong and carry on if you do not.

    Best of luck to all that travel this path! You CAN do it. Do it for YOU and your health.

  • Bria Johnson May 30, 2016, 12:46 pm

    I’m Starting my Lemonade detox Today, I’ve used honey since I didn’t have any Maple syrup B, what can I use to substitute the maple syrup, my local stores seems to only have grade A, And also Do all ingredients have to be organic? Is limes acceptable ?

    • Penny Hammond May 30, 2016, 4:04 pm

      The book says that honey must not be eaten at any time. “It is manufactured from the nectar picked up from the flowers by the bees, predigested, vomited and stored for their future use with a preservative added. It is deficient in calcium and has many detrimental effects for the human being. Honey is strictly for the bees.” (pp. 20-21)

      Use real maple syrup. If you can’t get grade B, then grade A will be okay.

      Use organic where possible – if you can’t get it, that’s okay.

      You can use limes instead of lemons. As limes are smaller than lemons, make sure you’re having the right amount – 2 tablespoons lime juice is approximately 1 small lime.

  • Abby July 31, 2016, 1:13 pm

    Is it okay to skip the laxative tea

    • Penny Hammond August 21, 2016, 5:35 pm

      If everything’s coming out / you don’t have constipation, you might not need a laxative.
      The book also gives an alternative, if you’re not eliminating: the internal salt water bath (see Foods to Eat section above)

  • Kerri October 5, 2016, 7:46 pm

    What if the salt water concoction is way too much salt for a person concerned with high blood pressure. Will drinking the laxative tea twice a day still do the job? Started detox today…

    • Penny Hammond November 8, 2016, 7:09 pm

      The salt water “bath” was an alternative suggestion to the main suggestion of having laxative tea twice a day if you’re not having enough elimination. So the laxative tea should probably work – and if it doesn’t, then try making sure you’re drinking enough liquid.

  • Amy Williamson December 17, 2016, 6:37 am

    I am on day 10 of the cleanse, will do the ease out plan. Being a coffee lover, once back to real foods, would it be so bad to cut back to one cup of organic coffeeiced with cinnamon and tumeric?

    • Penny Hammond January 2, 2017, 12:33 pm

      The book says you should avoid coffee while breaking the diet, and it says “It is truly a wonderful feeling to be free from slavery to these many habit-forming and devitalizing articles of modern living. Coffee, tea and the various cola drinks, as habit-forming beverages, also are readily conquered with the marvels of the lemonade diet.” (p. 32). It doesn’t say you can’t have coffee in the lifetime diet, but moderation sounds sensible and maybe you could take a break every now and then to make sure you’re not just having it because you’re addicted to caffeine.

  • lara Jamieson January 18, 2017, 11:58 am

    I am on Day #3 of the Cleanse. I feel satisfied, zero fatigue, zero struggle and actually enjoying this process, but I have been drinking the 12 glasses a day! Unfortunately along with the cleansing aspect of this diet, I have full intention to lose weight. I went and did a #’s check to see what it was in calories that I was ingesting, I was totally surprised to find out it amounted to 1,943 cal today. they say that the cleanse only has 696 calories in it, but in 24 tablespoons of lemon juice alone it equals 696 cals, the Maple Syrup equals to 1,248 cal. ? They said in multiply sites and forums it was a grand total of 696 cal. If some of you aren’t losing weight this may be why?? That really isn’t calorie reduced. If you are doing the cleanse to lose weight you must adhere to the 6 glasses per day only or you won’t see much change in your body. Unfortunately that means you will struggle more with the diet, at least for a while. I am sad to learn this as I was truly enjoying the full 12 glasses a day.. Maybe if I cut it down to eight that will be a happy medium and I’ll still see change. Wishing you all success!!

  • Rosemary February 7, 2017, 11:49 pm

    Hi. I have just completed my 9th day and planning to go for 14 days. I can see an improvement in my skin, I have no mucus in my nose and throat, I have lost 9 pounds, I have had no headaches…. It’s been an incredible experience.-And one of the reasons that I have been so successful is because of sites like yours that have helped keep me motivated. THANK YOU!

  • P May 12, 2017, 8:35 pm

    Hi there! I completed the 10 day Master Cleanse on my first attempt and I feel truly empowered!

    Today is day 11 and I am easing out. I cannot wait to drink the soup broth tomorrow. The author states you can eat some vegetables on day 12 with the broth, how much is “some”, I am starving! Lol

    • Penny Hammond June 20, 2017, 6:55 pm

      I understand you’re really feeling hunger pangs, thinking about eating again – “some” means don’t pig out, take it easy, don’t stuff yourself – it can be overload if you have excess after being without for so long.

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