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Learning low carb cooking

With any change in diet, a good way to ensure that the foods you eat meet your dietary needs is to cook it yourself. Especially for people used to baking with flour (cookies, cakes and other foods), a low-carb diet is a challenge as they have to learn to cook in a different way. A number of classes and other instructional materials have come on the market to help people to cook low carb.

Some other diets may also feature a lot of low carb recipes. Paleo diets tend to avoid grains (including flour), and have low to moderate amounts of carbs (in the range of 50-150 grams per day) coming from fruits and vegetables. Low glycemic index diets sometimes have limited carbs. Check to see whether the recommendations are within the range of grams per day and grams per serving you’re looking for.

Low carb recipe books

There are nearly 2,000 results for low carb books on Amazon. A list of the current bestsellers in low carb includes a number of recipe books as well as general books on low carb diets, with Atkins and the South Beach diet prominent.

Local classes in low carb cooking

You may be able to go to a local cooking class to learn how to cook low-carb. In your search engine, type in low carb and your location. It may also be helpful to type in the year, to exclude classes that aren’t in session any more.

Another alternative is to find local cooking schools and ask them if they have low carb cooking classes or any classes that feature low carb foods. You can also look up cooking classes on websites like www.allculinaryschools.com, www.cookingschools.com, and www.localcookingclass.com.

Cooking classes may also be offered by your local natural grocer (such as Whole Foods), your local YMCA, or your local community school or university.

TV shows and videos for low carb

Online videos for low carb cooking are available. A search for low carb recipes on YouTube brings nearly 2,000 results.

Low-carb TV shows come in and out of programming depending on whether it’s a current trend. For example, the Discovery Channel offered Blaine’s Low Carb Cooking for a while and Food Network had George Stella’s Low Carb and Lovin’ It – episodes can still be found online and on video:

George Stella’s Livin’ Large and Losing Weight: Stella Style DVD Vol. 1

George Stella’s Stickin’ With It Stella Style: Stella Style DVD Vol. 2

Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen Volume 1 (4 DVD Set)

Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen Volume 2 (4 DVD Set)

Eazy Cookin: Low Carb, Vol. 1

Eazy Cookin: Low Carb, Vol. 2

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