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Finding gluten-free recipes online

Many people are going gluten-free for various reasons – celiac disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergy, healthy eating, or even weight loss. What are the best places for them to find gluten-free recipes online?

Three types of websites offer gluten-free recipes – (1) gluten-free recipe websites, (2) “free-from” recipe websites, and (3) general recipe websites – for listings, see below. Most of them have all types of recipes, but some only cover substitution recipes that are usually made with flour, such as bread, muffins, and pancakes.

Gluten-free is a trend that’s taken off at the same time as social media, and communities have built up around it. Some of these websites cater to sharing recipes socially, for example by allowing the recipes to be retweeted or liked on Facebook. Others are limited to emailing to a single email address, or no sharing at all.

Some surprises – the largest number of recipes labeled gluten-free are on Food.com (9,000 GF recipes) and Spark Recipes (4,500 GF recipes), with Whole Foods coming in third (1,000 GF recipes).

Gluten-free websites

Here are some targeted GF websites with at least 80 recipes.

Celiac.com has around 700 GF recipes, mostly from their forums and users.

Book of Yum, a blog by Seamaiden and DH, has over 500 gluten free recipes, with no ratings or comments.

Elana’s Pantry by Elana Amsterdam has about 250 gluten free recipes, widely shared on social networks.

SimplySugarAndGlutenFree.com by Amy Green has around 250 glutenfree recipes with beautiful photos.

Gluten-Free Goddess blog by Karina Allrich has “hundreds” of gluten-free recipes.

Gluten-free girl, one of the pioneers in the gluten-free media field, by Shauna James Ahern and Daniel Ahern, has about 80 recipes plus a lot of links. See also about 170 GF recipes on the related gluten-freerecipes blog.

Wasabimon by Stephanie Stiavetti has around 150 G-free recipes with many comments.

GFUtah.org is a basic website with around 150 GF recipes.

Glutenfreehomemaking by Linda Etherton has about 150 recipes.

Glutenfreerecipes.net has around 150 GF recipes.

LivingGlutenFreely.com is a General Mills website with about 150 GF recipes mostly using General Mills products.

Gluten Free Mommy, a blog by Natalie Naramor with over 6,000 readers, has around 100 gluten-free recipes.

Celiac Sprue Association website has a gluten-free recipes section with about 80 recipes.

Glutenfreeda, on online cooking magazine by manufacturer Glutenfreeda Foods, has over 3,000 GF recipes. They don’t have social sharing, only print/email/save and ratings/review, and very few people are rating the recipes which indicates not many users.

Gluten-free recipes on other “free-from” recipe websites

Many people want to eat “free from” several ingredients, such as lactose-free, allergen-free, nut-free, vegetarian, or vegan recipes. Some of these include gluten-free recipes that also satisfy some of these other choices.

BeFreeForMe has over 700 GF recipes, most of which also are free of other avoided foods – dairy free, fish free, nut free, soy free. You can print or email the recipes, but that’s all.

Manifest:Vegan has over 100 gluten free recipes with lots of comments and retweets.

GF recipes on other mainstream recipe websites

Mainstream recipe sites are starting to tag gluten-free recipes so they can be easily found. They aren’t always as pedantic about being gluten-free as more targeted websites – for example, you might see a recipe for chicken salad that says “spread on bread” – use more caution while looking for GF recipes on these websites.

Food.com, the fourth most popular recipe website in the USA (Alexa USA #580), has over 9,000 gluten-free recipes listed, including 443 gluten-free breads.

SparkRecipes, a health-related website, offers around 4500 g-free recipes, submitted by users.

Whole Foods has over 1,000 gfree gluten free recipes, with ratings and sharing.

Allrecipes, the most popular cooking website in the USA (Alexa USA #127), has over 800 gluten free recipes.  Users submit and rate/review recipes. Users can share the recipes on Facebook or email them, which is helpful for gluten-free and celiac communities. They can also save them in a recipe box, add them to a shopping list, print them, and customize them.

Epicurious , the fifth most popular recipe website in the USA (Alexa USA #821), has recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Self, cookbooks, chefs, and home cooks. For each recipe there are user ratings and reviews, you can see wine pairings, add your own note, save to a recipe box, add to your shopping list, print, email, and like on Facebook or Tweet. Over 450 gluten-free recipes are listed. It’s not obvious how to find their list of gluten-free recipes – you have to refine the search by dietary consideration: Wheat/Gluten Free.

Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine website has over 400 gluten-free recipes by Silvana Nardone.

SimplyRecipes has around 300 GF recipes. A lot of people have “liked” them on Facebook and commented on the recipes – it’s a pity the number of likes isn’t listed on the index so you can easily find the most popular ones.

Delish has around over 250 GF recipes in a sharable format.

La Tartine Gourmande, highly rated and a Saveur Magazine Best of 2010 Special Interest Blog, has over 200 GF recipes.

Fitness and Freebies has around 170 GF recipes in its celiac section.

101 Cookbooks has around 100 GF recipes, which can be printed or emailed but not social sharing.

FoodNetwork, the second most popular recipe website in the USA (Alexa USA #187), is rather disappointing in terms of gluten free. A search turns up 39 gluten free recipes, all of which have “gluten free” in the title.

Cooks.com, the third most popular recipe website in the USA (Alexa USA #484), has search results of only 19 GF recipes, all of which say “gluten free” in the title.

Is anything missing here? Do other recipe websites have a lot of GF recipes? Please let us know!

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