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Healthy eating resolution, gluten-free supermarkets, harmful low-fat foods – news to January 22 2012

There are no clear trends in this week’s news on food restrictions. 83% of surveyed consumers have resolved to eat more healthily in the new year, compared to 76% in previous years. Supermarkets are becoming gluten-free guides, providing communities with resources while hoping for loyalty. A Harvard School of Public Health roundup of research shows that “low-fat” products might be more harmful than the products they replaced.

Wegmans advances in seafood sustainability Jan-13-12 Progressive Grocer
Wegmans Food Markets has joined forces with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) to work on the grocer’s future seafood sustainability strategy.

Plant-based, whole food – an emerging trend or a reemergence? Jan-15-12 Food Channel
Comparing modern trends with Hippocrates’ recommendations.

Restaurants cater to restrictive diets Jan-15-12 Oregon Live
A growing number of Oregon chefs, restaurant owners, bakers and brewers, faced with their own allergies or serious health concerns, have decided to open businesses offering food they can eat. Some business owners offer entire menus conforming to Paleolithic, vegan or (most frequently) gluten-free diets.

Diet and nutrition for Crohn’s disease Jan-15-12 DailyRx
A clinical dietitian at University Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio and nutritional adviser for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America advises that although patients can use diet and nutrition to manage their symptoms, there are no food rules or supplements that can cure the disease itself.

Consumers resolve to eat more healthily Jan-16-12 Supermarket News
Consumers have resolved to eat healthier in 2012, mostly by cutting down on sugar, calories and processed foods, according to survey of the Supermarket Guru Consumer Panel. Of the 1,102 respondents — 88% of whom were women — 83% said they have resolved to eat healthier in the new year, vs. 76% who said they had made such a resolution in previous years.

Supermarkets become gluten-free guides Jan-17-12 Supermarket News
One-on-one interactions, community fairs and classes are just a few of the ways retailers are reaching out to gluten-free shoppers.

Consumers believe products are over-packaged Jan-17-12 Beverage Industry
Three-quarters of Americans believe many consumer products are over-packaged, according to a survey. Minimal packaging is most preferred among consumers, followed by recyclable packaging and use of environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Low-fat foods may be more harmful than the products they replace Jan-17-12 Los Angeles Times
A Harvard School of Public Health roundup of research shows that “low-fat” products might be more harmful than the products they replaced. It’s the type of fat that matters more than the amount of fat, the story says.

Chili’s Lighter Choices Menu Jan-18-12 PR Newswire
New items are featured on HealthyDiningFinder.com and are 750 calories and 25g fat or less.

‘Cheese makes you chubby’ on New York billboards Jan-20-12 Food Navigator
The US-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has taken shock tactics to consumers by posting two huge billboards in New York warning of what it claims are the obesity-related dangers of eating cheese. Cheese is responsible for 8% of solid fats in the national diet.


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