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Eating less meat, ADHD triggers, good politics = lower calories? – news to January 15 2012

Mark Bittman continues to look at patterns of meat eating, as people are eating less meat and there’s a corresponding rise in flexitarianism. There are increased requests for culinary schools to teach vegetarian cuisine. Pediatrics looks at foods to avoid for ADHD. A poor pregnancy diet can increase risk for children to get diabetes later in life. 35% of Americans resolve to lose weight in 2012. People who like a food’s politics think it has lower calories – so for example people may believe that organic or fair-trade food has lower calories than its regular counterparts.

Eating less meat

Why we’re eating less meat Jan-10-12 New York Times – Mark Bittman
Beef consumption has been in decline for about 20 years; the drop in chicken is even more dramatic, over the last five years or so; pork also has been steadily slipping for about five years. There’s been a 12 percent reduction in just five years, and a corresponding rise in flexitarianism – not only because of increasing meat prices.

Vegan infographic Jan-11-12 MindBodyGreen
According to this survey, 83% of vegans are women, and most vegans are under 30 years old

Teaching vegetarian/vegan cuisine to feed other food choice categories Jan-15-12 HuffPost Food
There are increased requests for culinary schools to teach vegetarian cuisine. These requests are emerging as the result of its increased popularity due to healthy dining consumers, approximately 47 percent of Americans, who are trying to reduce meat consumption and will not sacrifice taste for nutrition.

Food and health conditions – ADHD, diabetes

Foods to avoid for ADHD Jan-9-12 WebMD
A review article in Pediatrics suggests avoiding fast foods, red meat, processed meats, potato chips, high-fat dairy foods, and soft drinks

Link between pregnancy diet and diabetes Jan-10-12 Food Navigator-USA
Mothers who consume a poor diet through pregnancy risk leaving their children less able to store fats correctly in later life, leading to a higher risk of diabetes, according to new research in rats.

Other – resolving to lose weight, assuming food with positive politics has lower calories

Halal meals on the rise in schools in Dearborn, MI Jan-9-12 Food Management
More than half of the 32 schools in the Dearborn, MI, public school district offer halal meal options for students, reports the Dearborn Patch.

35% of Americans resolve to lose weight in 2012 Jan-11-12 Food Product Design
Approximately 35% of Americans made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in the last five years, according to a results of a recent Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll. Note that the obesity rates in the USA have dropped slightly according to a Gallup poll.

UK gluten-free labeling Jan-13-12 FoodBev.com
A new law in the UK has introduced rules on how food can be labeled with claims about gluten. The law covers all food on sale, whether it’s in a packet on a supermarket shelf, on a menu, in a restaurant, or at a deli counter.

People who like a food’s politics think it has lower calories HuffPost Science Jan-13-12
A study hints that any association with virtue makes a food feel healthier. Ask people how fattening those organic chocolate-covered peanuts are, and they’ll guess a lower number than they did for the non-organic version. They’ll also eat more than they would have otherwise. “Fair-Trade” has the same effect.

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