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January 2012 Bestselling diet books, healthy eating books, special diet books, and nutrition books

Diet books start to sell again as the holiday period ends and people start to try to lose weight or get healthy for their new year’s resolutions. Most of the top-selling books listed here were top sellers in the past year… or before – only a limited number of new diet books have been released for the new year and they haven’t caught on yet.

In the USA, vegan diets are top sellers, generally for health rather than purely weight loss diets. The 17-Day Diet and The Dukan Diet also came back to the top after a little time further down. Atkins has also surged back up the charts – the South Beach Diet and a number of Paleo diets are also doing well a little lower down on the list. In the UK, The Dukan Diet maintains its reign as the go-to weight loss diet.

The positions in the bestselling charts are according to a snapshot from Amazon on January 1, 2012. The number in brackets next to the top titles is the ranking in all books – i.e. The Dukan Diet is the no. 3 top selling book in the UK on Amazon.

USA Diets and weight loss Nutrition Special diets Disorders and diseases
1 The 17 Day Diet (Kindle) – Multi-stage Forks Over KnivesVegan (33) Forks Over KnivesVegan (33) Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Kindle)
2 Eat to LiveVegan (16) The China Study – Vegan (68) PlentyVegetarian (65) Then Again (Kindle)
3 The 17 Day Diet – Multi-stage (21) Wheat BellyGluten-free (83) Wheat BellyGluten-free (83) We Bought a Zoo (Kindle)
4 Forks Over KnivesVegan (33) Prevent and Reverse Heart DiseaseVegan (93) Wheat Belly (Kindle)Gluten-free Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (39)
5 The Dukan DietMulti-stage (36) Wheat Belly (Kindle)Gluten-free New Atkins for a New You – Low carb Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease – Vegan (93)


UK Diets & Healthy Eating Diet & Nutrition Special diets
1 The Dukan Diet Recipe Book (48) The Dukan Diet (3) Erica White’s Beat Candida Cookbook
2 The Food Hospital (68) The Dukan Diet (Kindle) The IBS Low-Starch Diet
3 Plenty (69) Dukan Diet Life Plan (44) The Plant Programme
4 Clean & Lean Diet The Dukan Diet Recipe Book (48) Eating for IBS
5 Medicinal Cookery The Real Me Is Thin (Kindle) Crazy Sexy Diet



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