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Local food, allergies, seafood, eating dogs – news to September 25 2011

While many local food programs (such as local food at Chicago’s O’Hare airport) are being introduced, a college shut down its local food program citing legal issues. How should restaurants accommodate allergies? Sysco, North America’s largest foodservice distributor, has committed to buy more than half its seafood from sustainable sources. ‘Free-from’ customers take a lot of care finding products that suit them and then tend to be very loyal to them. A 600-year-old dog-eating festival in China was banned after a massive social media outcry called for its cancellation.

Local food – canceled program, airports

College shuts down local food program Sep-18-11 New York Times
Fordham shuts down a farm-share program, despite demand, citing legal issues

Local airport food Sep-22-11 Yahoo! News / Associated Press
Vegetables and herbs used at some airport restaurants at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport will be grown in a garden in Terminal 3.

Allergies – restaurants, allergies vs. intolerances

How should restaurants accommodate allergies? Sep-21-11 HuffPost Food
It’s challenging for kitchens to accommodate special requests that require significant time (such as scrubbing down prep surfaces, dishware, etc.). But people with severe allergies deserve an occasional meal out of the house as well. However they shouldn’t cancel last minute after advising their restrictions!

Food allergies vs. food intolerances Oct-2011 Today’s Dietician
Food allergies and food intolerances are not the same thing. Testing, elimination, and common food intolerances.

Seafood – sustainable foodservice, tuna selection

Sysco to improve sustainable seafood sourcing Sep-19-11 SeafoodSource.com
North America’s largest foodservice distributor committed to buy its top 10 Sysco brand wild seafood species — which represent more than half of the brand’s seafood product line — from fisheries that are either certified or under assessment by the Marine Stewardship Council or involved in fishery improvement projects with the WWF.

Selecting canned tuna Sep-20-11 HuffPost Food
Different breeds of tuna, catching methods, omega-3 levels, mercury levels, may influence shopping decisions.

Other – free-from loyalty, microwaved foods, dog-eating

‘Free from’ consumers value product loyalty Sep-20-11 FoodBev.com
Gluten and wheat free consumer spending is heavily based on trust rather than price, promotions or advertising.  Consumers admitted that they often took so much care finding a product that was right for them that once they had, new products or promotions were unlikely to encourage them to shop around.

Yogurt-asthma link in baby study Sep-20-11 The Press Association / Google News
Women who eat low-fat yogurt while pregnant increase their chances of having children who develop asthma and hay fever, a study has found.

Avoiding microwaved foods – Sep-23-11 Dr. Sinatra’s Healthy Heart Blog
Reasons why this doctor avoids microwaved foods.

Dog-eating festival banned after 600 years Sep-23-11 HuffPost Food
A 600-year-old dog eating festival in Qianxi, China was banned this week after a massive social media outcry called for its cancellation.

Dietary management for PCOS Oct-2011 Today’s Dietician
Low glycemic index foods, more omega-3s, and reduced intake of simple sugars.

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