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Local food, milk, gluten-free, fructose malabsorption – news to August 28 2011

Schools and hospitals increasingly offer local food, and global food companies are sourcing ingredients locally. A high-protein diet with lots of dairy and meat may trigger osteoporosis. French Laundry develops a gluten-free flour. Bill Clinton is following a vegan diet to improve his heart health. ConAgra marketed GMO cooking oils as “100% natural”; they’re being sued for deceptive marketing. Fructose malabsorption (FM) affects between 30%-80% of the adult U.S. population.

Local food – schools and hospitals, kosher, global food companies

Local food at D.C. schools Aug-22-11 Washington Post
Over the summer, nutrition chef Jeff Mills tested more than 30 local greens in search of the best roughage for the salad bars. Next month, students will be offered locally grown nectarines, mushrooms, watermelons, tomatoes, arugula, squash and spinach.

Urging kosher customers in New York to buy local Aug-22-11 Kosher Today
A number of kosher retailers in New York are promoting locally grown products as part of a broader initiative by New York City. This is particularly evident in the produce department, but some say that they are also showcasing other New York manufactured products like jams and honey.

Global food companies source ingredients locally Aug-23-11 Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
Global food companies such as Nestlé are turning to build sales in emerging markets, increasing localization of food sourcing, production and distribution.

Local food at hospitals Sep-2011 Today’s Dietician
Some hospitals are developing gardens to get truly local food.

Milk – pros and cons, osteoporosis

Pros and cons of milk Aug-22-11 Diet Blog
Stats from the documentary “Got The Facts on Milk?”

Protein, milk, and osteoporosis Aug-26-11 John Hopkins Health
Controversial evidence has emerged that suggests a high-protein diet with lots of dairy and meat products might actually promote the loss of bone mineral density, which can lead to osteoporosis.

Gluten-free – flour and yogurt

Gluten-free flour from top chef Aug-23-11 New York Times
After increasing requests for gluten-free versions of menu items, the culinary researcher at French Laundry developed a gluten-free flour, which is now on sale.

UK yogurt mislabeled as gluten-free Aug-25-11 Food Navigator
Emmi-owned yogurt brand Onken is altering packaging on some of its yogurt products that were mislabeled as gluten-free in the UK. The yogurts were not recalled.

Other – Clinton vegan, GMO/natural, fructose malabsorption

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, watch what you eat Aug-22-11 John Hopkins Health Alerts
Cut back on:  (1) Snack foods and meat – some types of omega-6 fatty acids, found in many snack foods, fried foods, margarine, meats, corn oil and safflower oil, can increase inflammation. (2) Frying and grilling – some evidence indicates that frying or grilling meat at high temperatures produces compounds that may increase inflammation. Try baking and broiling your food instead.

Foods that are risky for food contamination Aug-22-11 Everyday Health
Spinach and other leafy greens (E. coli); eggs (salmonella); tuna (toxins); raw oysters (norovirus and vibrio); potatoes (salmonella); soft cheese during pregnancy (listeria); ice cream (salmonella and staphylococcus); tomatoes (salmonella); raw bean and pea sprouts (E. coli and salmonella); berries (cyclospora)

Bill Clinton now vegan Aug-23-11 USA Today
Clinton, 65, who had quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 and then stent surgery in 2010, is following a vegan diet to improve his heart health.

ConAgra sued over GMO “100% natural” cooking oils Aug-24-11 Food Safety News
While various lawsuits have been filed in recent years claiming that food companies using the term natural are engaging in deceptive marketing, a suit filed in June in California against ConAgra could make the entire industrial food complex shake in its boots. The plaintiff claims he relied on Wesson oils “100% natural” label, when the products are actually made from genetically modified organisms.

Salt intake tied to cognitive decline Aug-25-11 Food Navigator
A high-salt diet coupled with low physical activity could be detrimental to cognitive health in older adults, according to recent research in the journal Neurobiology of Aging

Fructose malabsorption Sep-2011 Today’s Dietician
Fructose malabsorption (FM) affects between 30%-80% of the adult U.S. population and an unknown percentage of children. Fructose is found in high amounts in honey, fruit, fruit juices, molasses, maple syrup, agave nectar, some root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, and concentrated tomato products such as sauce and salsa. Fruits that may be better tolerated include berries, plums, kiwi, bananas, and most citrus fruits. It is also found in refined sugars such as sugar, sucrose, and HFCS. Also, some people may find it helpful to limit foods where wheat is a primary ingredient; wheat contains fructans and individual tolerance varies.

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